Ask A Super Villain

Starting out as a Super Villain, Henchmen or Minion?  Need help with your masterplan?  Don’t know the etiquette for dining with your nemesis?

For any question about being or relating to a Super Villain… just ask!

Initial post.

15 comments on “Ask A Super Villain

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  8. As a member of a villainous league dedicated to taking over the world and being charged with temporal-dimensional security, our organization recently had trouble neutralizing an invasion force of shape shifting mongol warriors from a small collection of star systems in the 43rd dimension.

    Eventually our leader decided to fill all entrances except the main doors sealed with reinforced concrete, covered the main entrance with an elite squad of particle beam tank gunners, and incinerated the entire base.

    Needless to say this put a big dent in our operating budget for the year, yet still did not addrees the underlying concern:

    What is the best way to prepare, defend, and ultimately exterminate any cross dimensional invaders that get loose inside a villain’s lair?

    Sub Centurion Major Arthur Von Schilchten

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  10. What do Supervillains do for uhhh companionship? What is it about the hero’s girl that you all find so interesting? Mary Jane Watson is just unbearably annoying and Lois Lane has a face that looks like it has been slapped with a wet fish. Why bother with them when supervillainess are so much hotter, sluttier and impossible to disgust?!

  11. Sorry a few more questions Are there Supervillains you admire? Have you met Lex Luthor? What is he like? Is he a good role model for an aspiring evil doer?

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