2 comments on “ASK A SUPER VILLAIN – Very Cross Dimensions

  1. Many thanks, we decided to use Cthonic drones with nano-particle explosives on a hair trigger sensor and set them to watch the hole that used to be our Headquarters.

    The ensuing explosion last week was blamed on a West Texas gas pipeline rupture, fortunately for us, and has shown to have a .977 success ratio at repelling cross dimensional invaders (note: This ratio drops to .438 if you factor out the vaporization of every living organism in a 200 square mile area)

    • Clearly you weren’t in the 200 square mile radius, so I don’t think you need to consider the updated figure. If people and animals didn’t want to vapourised in a cross-dimensional war why did they live so close to a ultra-secret super villain’s base?

      It’s their own fault if you ask me.

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