23 comments on “ASK A SUPER VILLAIN – Advice Column

  1. Dear Super Villain Advice

    I have spent my life wondering if there was something wrong with me, my parents are [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] better known to the world as Captain Antman and Orphan Woman and I’ve always thought that I would follow in their footsteps, I have always trained in martial arts and waited to gain the powers needed to fight evil but my parents have always kept me from seeing what I am preparing to fight until just yesterday when my school was attacked by the gang of slightly evil six, right at first I was planning to break out my hard won skills but instead i found myself in awe of how the main guy Chemistry Joe exploded the chem lab and i realised just what my life had been missing and the secret I had been hiding from my parents suddenly made sence, i could set fire to things with my mind and I had tested this out on ant hills all this summer even though the act made me feel dirty but now seems perfectly normal… I’m not a hero but a villain, a part of me wants to tell my parents but I can’t bring myself to disappoint them. Is there any way that i can tell them that we are destined for different sides of the epic battle without breaking their hearts or should I just sneak off during the night and join my proper people? Is the fact that I’ve been setting fire to anthills something to do with my father or is it just that they are small and helpless and the right thing to start with.

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  6. Hi, I like this guy and we have been texting everyday for the last six months. Then this has slowly started to decline to thrice a week (but all convos might last days). Few weeks back, he told me that he was in a relationship before and I can see that he can’t get over her yet. It has been a year since they broke up. He told me that he still keeps in touch with her at times. His ex is in another country by the way.
    I really like him and I have never felt this way with any guy before. I feel really happy with him and he treats me respectfully. I click with him so easily and feel comfortable in his company. He just makes me smile. But ya, the fact remains that he is not over his ex. What do I do? I tried to think of him as just a friend but I can’t seem to. Should I forget him and how do I forget him? Else how do I make him like me if that’s possible? Please please help me

  7. As a budding supervillian (already trained in martial arts and currently pursuing an evil career, insurance…) I need to modify my car to outrun any james bonds or Jason bourne’s. Can you recommend any evil mechanics who could equip my vehicle with the latest weaponry and countermeasures?

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