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  4. Seriously, just the thought of what you described is so disturbing to me, creep is not nearly a strong enough word. Blargh. I find spitting so vulgar that I have a hard time brushing my teeth in front of my husband. You made me cringe.

    • Fair enough. I don’t really think I could do it myself, which was one of the 3 reasons I halted my plans to take over the world. If I was going to do it, I’d do the finger swap trick (which I’ve done before for other things) but even that can be difficult. And I have to admit the only detention I got in school was for hitting someone who spat on me. But I hold Evil Overlords to a higher level.

      And thinking about it since, if you’re going to gag someone, you’ll need to ungag then to get answers, and I’m sure I’ve seen that process initiate spitting.

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